The benefits of a food delivery WebApp

Even before Covid sparked a surge in the online, on-demand economy, restaurants were already starting to realise the potential of a food delivery app.

Post-Covid, the demand has increased through both necessity (take away service only or restricted numbers in the restaurant) and the increasing desire to have everything at our fingertips.

A food delivery app allows both traditional restaurants and take-away only establishments to continue feeding their customers. For restaurants, the app makes up for the reduced footfall due to any pandemic-related restrictions.

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7 advantages of a food delivery WebApp

Let’s look at 7 advantages of a food delivery service WebApp: 

Ordering process is easy

A WebApp is fast, easy and comfortable to use. There are no misunderstandings or frustrations as can happen with ordering over the phone. In a nutshell, your customers choose to order food through the WebApp because it’s at their fingertips. 

Exposure to new customers

Online ordering through a food delivery WebApp can help you reach new customers outside your regulars and locals. By enhancing your brand’s online presence in the market, you can boost your sales with new and returning customers.

Online ordering is convenient

A WebApp allows customers to order anytime, anywhere using their mobiles, tablets or other handheld devices. With a food delivery WebApp, the customer can quietly place an order without the hassle of talking over the phone.

More business opportunities

Sometimes customers want your food but in the comfort of their own home. Whether that’s due to ongoing restrictions, bad weather or simply the desire to stay home, by offering delivery you’re able to serve a wider range of customers.

Stay ahead of the competition

The percentage of restaurants and takeaway establishments that have a food delivery WebApp is surprisingly small. By making your restaurant available to customers at the touch of a screen immediately puts you ahead of the game.

Greater reach

Your restaurant seating capacity may be 100 at a time, or perhaps less, but with a food delivery service app you can reach thousands of people. All you need is an integrated ordering system, and you are good to go!

Better customer data

Who are your regular customers? Which food items are popular? Are they aware of your promotions and offers? These and many other related questions can be answered using analytics from your app. Once you know what your customers like, you can keep them coming back with targeted offers.

Benefits of a delivery and take-away food orgering WebApp for your clients

There are also additional benefits for the customers with a food order WebAapp, which in turn will prove beneficial for your company. 

These include:

No more waiting in long queues to place an order

Increased transparency in pricing

Multiple ways to pay for the order

All in all, offering your customers an app to order food quickly and easily will be great for your business. The food industry is the same as all others when it comes to good customer service – ease, speed, efficiency, quality and price; provide your customers with those and you’ll have happy customers hungry for more.