The benefits of a food delivery app

The benefits of a food delivery WebApp Even before Covid sparked a surge in the online, on-demand economy, restaurants were already starting to realise the potential of a food delivery app. Post-Covid, the demand has increased through both necessity (take away service only or restricted numbers in the restaurant) and the increasing desire to have […]

9 reasons to work with Peasy

why work with Peasy THE WEBAPP TO TAKE ORDERS IN THE RESTAURANTS It’s time for you to join the mobile revolution with Peasy, the WebApp to take orders in restaurants, allow customers to order food (with the lowest commissions), show a digital menu to diners and serve them with a virtual waiter , among many […]

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

What is the Mediterranean Diet? A ‘Mediterranean diet’ tops polls for the best diet year after year. Typically, it includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, bread, beans, seeds, fish and seafood. The key factor is foods are fresh and minimally processed. Wine also factors – in moderate amounts – with meals.  Is the Mediterranean […]