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It’s time for you to join the mobile revolution with Peasy, the WebApp to take orders in restaurants, allow customers to order food (with the lowest commissions), show a digital menu to diners and serve them with a virtual waiter , among many other useful functions. And all from their own mobile phones! If Covid19 teaches us anything, it is that new technologies have gone from being just another tool to a refuge with which to overcome moments of crisis and future pandemics.

Those who do not accept online orders today are losing business. In fact, those who know how to adapt to these new times are getting ahead, in which the preferences of young people and the demands of social distancing make the digital menu in restaurants a preferred option and a virtual waiter to place orders and pay with the mobile. All this and much more is possible thanks to the app to take orders in the Peasy restaurant. Customers will have everything on their mobiles. In the very palm of your hand!

Allow your diners to place their order even before arriving at your restaurant, that they can see your digital menu without having to scan the awkward QR codes and that they avoid queues, physical contact with third parties and long waits. This will allow you to save costs, time and optimize your resources and income.

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Advantages of our WebApp to take orders in restaurants

With Peasy WebApp you can:
Have a food ordering WebApp with the lowest commissions on the market.
Give virtual waiter service, when customers see the digital menu they will discover that they can order from there.
You don’t need to buy equipment or install anything: just a tablet
You will have more visibility for your food delivery and take-away service
You will work with a small company that supports SMEs and local businesses
You will not have to print the bill on paper, you will save paper and you will collaborate with the environment (a great image with your customers!)
Customers have a single place to order, so confusion is avoided
In our WebApp to take restaurant orders it’s very easy and fast for the same restaurant to change the dishes to update the digital menu
We upload the digital menu for the restaurant to the WebApp, don’t worry about anything else!
All this and much more with…

The lowest commissions on the market!

We are not a large multinational that wants to squeeze the most out of your business so that you can enjoy our food ordering WebApp. On the contrary, we are a small, growing company that knows the needs of our customers: local small and medium-sized companies. If you don’t believe it, find out here about the conditions of the most famous food ordering apps. But our low commissions do not mean that, as you have seen, we do not have the most complete restaurant order taking app on the market.
Not only is it about your customers being able to order food from home through the app, they can also choose from the digital menu before arriving at your restaurant or order from the palm of their hand. The benefits for your business, for your customers and even for the environment are unimaginable. We work together?
Contact us and let us surprise you.

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